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It seems like CheckMytrip currently bypasses the name check for older and reused PNRs (Personal Name Records) linked to an account.

Are you trying to book an itinerary but you are unable to find it using online travel agencies? Guess what! We know why. Search the smarter way for complex itineraries and you will find it.

Use advanced routing codes to get better results while using the ITA Matrix. The complete list of codes we know along with other useful hints.

The ultimate comparison of the various booking channels and flight search tools. We explain how they work and their advantages / disadvantages.

Post Filters vs. Pre Filters

05:34 AM 10/12/2015

Apply the proper type of filters and you will find the flights you are looking for.

How flights get priced

04:33 PM 10/08/2015

Before we can start to think about pushing online travel agencies towards their limits we need to know how they work.

Airfares - just randomness?

07:48 AM 10/08/2015

Airfares seem to be one of the biggest mysteries on earth. We promise: they are not!

FareFreaks starts Blogging

04:14 AM 10/02/2015

Hey, I found that super-duper extra cheap crazy error-fare-like awesome flight deal for you... Oh! I have not.

This is not about whether UA should honor the sold tickets or not. This survey is just to investigate what happened and how it has developed.

On the 11th of february United had a massive conversion error from GPB (pound sterling) to DKK (danish krone). It was possible to buy first class tickets starting in the UK to all over the world for less than 100 USD.